Wealth creation from below market value property via partnership with honesty and integrity with like minded people.

* All our property proposals undergo a strict due diligence check before we present them to you.
* All the properties have a genuine 15+% discount of the open market value.
* We have all properties independently valued to ascertain the true market value.
* All properties are fully rent appraised by independent experts.
* All properties are assessed to see what level of mortgage can be arranged.
* If at any stage the property fails to fall within our criteria we will not present it to you. This is to ensure you have the minimum amount of risk possible, whilst maximising the growth potential of each development.

Why invest through DPG
Honesty, Integrity, Reliability. These three words are the foundations we have built our business on.

Relationship & Partnership
Relationship & partnership are the tools we use to develop our property proposals and our clients’ portfolio designs.

Stated Company Aims
At DPG through relationship and partnership, we desire to assist you develop financial independence via capital growth and / or regular income. This is achieved by growing your portfolio from below market value property both nationally and internationally.

How much discount is achievable?

It varies, between 15% and 30% off the list price.

How can the true value of the properties be verified to ensure that a true discount is available?

DPG will instruct an independent valuation by an arics firm of valuers and we will also instruct an appraisal on the rental potential and demand by a local rental agent.

Now when you consider that finance is available upto 75% of the TRUE value of the property, if a 25% discount was available, things get interesting because the 25% discount could be used as the 25% deposit, meaning that the investor can purchase the property obtaining the 25% equity profit without using any or very little of his/her deposit funds. (Note: After remortgaging in six months after completion at the true property valuation)

Example property

LIST PRICE £150,000 £150,000
PURCHASE PRICE £112,500 £150,000
MORTGAGE (75% LTV of value)  £112,500 £112,500
DEPOSIT REQUIRED (NET) £NIL AFTER RE MORTGAGING £37,500 (plus closing costs)

As you can see, in the above example, this allows the investor to acquire property with very little or no money invested from the client after remortgaging after 6 months (build your property portfolio quicker and with less fuss and build up immediate equity profit).


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