About Us

Wealth creation from below market value property for clients via partnerships with like minded people using honesty and integrity creating maximum immediate equity profit using least investment capital.

DPG was created by founder Leonardo Gentile in 2001, who has been building his own substantial personal property portfolio since 1994.

We use our expertise to source quality properties in good rental/capital appreciation areas. All properties undergo a “due diligence” process before we present them to you. We negotiate a genuine 20+% discount off the open market value, saving clients thousands of pounds and at the same time minimising their risk. The discount is confirmed by an independent professional market valuation.

All properties are fully rent appraised by independent local experts to ascertain levels of rent and demand.

Using mortgage experts we obtain and put in place favourable mortgage strategies where only the minimum deposit (25%) is required to purchase the property. Hence an immediate equity profit is made (due to the
discount) whilst using the minmimum of the clients funds.

DPG can show you how to build a property portfolio of BELOW MARKET VALUE properties quickly and easily by using only one deposit. After six months we show you how to remortgage and obtain your original deposit money back leaving you with a property with equity profit in it (due to the discount), which is positive cash flowing every month (the rent obtained is greater than the mortgage payment)AND leaving you with the original deposit money to place as a deposit on another BELOW MARKET VALUE property and allowing you to repeat the process .

This strategy allows an investor to build a portfolio of properties with EQUITY PROFIT in each one, all generating cash profits each month with the minimum /none of the investors own funds" tied up in the deal" quickly and efficiently all from THE SAME DEPOSIT.


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